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PMP Certification : Study plans and Lesson learnt

Since many of my friends have been asking me my study plan and how I went about getting certified in my first attempt thought of writing this post about it. 
Check it out below

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PMP Certification Exam : – Exam day TIPS

I always welcome trick and tips from others, not that I follow all of them but listening to tips never hurts. Hence have created a post with some Tips and tricks for the PMP certification exam day.

Have a look 🙂


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Studying for PMP same as being a Zombie??

Zombies & PMP !!!  What is the correlation one may think

Well after watching Zombie movies, I always wondered what would go on in a Zombie’s mind if they were real. I mean all they did was run after a single goal by letting go of everything else around them.The goal being killing the living for food [?] 

Well , I kind of found out…






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