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ASP.NET 2.0 Internals

Posting after a long long time have been really busy with somethings anyways here is a good article on ASP.NET 2.0 Internals

Good article on ASP.NET 2.0 Internals

Explains the details of ASP.NET 2.0
Happy Reading !!!!

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Visual Studio IDE Tips & tricks: ShortCuts for Coding

Convert selected code to lower case – Ctrl+U
Convert selected code to upper case – Ctrl+Shift+U
Comment selected code – Ctrl+K, Ctrl+C
Uncomment selected code – Ctrl+K, Ctrl+U


Have a line of code which goes beyond the screen width? but you need to keep it that way and the only alternative is to scroll all the way to the right?
Well theres good news VS IDE provides a toggle shortcut which will put the line contents beyond the screen width on the next line and back onto the same line

ShortCut Key : – Ctrl + r + r (toggles)


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Visual Studio IDE Tips & tricks: Shortcut Letting .Net remind you of the TODO task in your code

Letting .Net remind you of the TODO task in your code

.Net IDE provides a mechanism of keeping track of all the TODO tasks in your code.This is done through the Task window
Using the “TODO“ Keyword we can tell .NET IDE to remind us about this TODO task in the task window

HOWTO : – simply add a comment to your code that starts with the TODO keyword. It will automatically be added to your existing Task list.

E.g : – // TODO: Need to optimise the AuthoriseUser Method.

To view the Task list (ShortCut Key : Ctrl+Alt+K ):-

select View > Other Windows > Task List from the menu .
The Task list often filters its contents, so it displays only certain information. To view everything, right-click on your list and select All Tasks > All.


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Visual Studio IDE Tips & tricks: shortcuts to code snippets Adding frequently used code to toolbarVisual Studio IDE Tips & tricks:

Storing Often-Used Code in the Toolbox

If there is some often-used code and templates that you repeatedly have to use across various code behinds what would you usually do ?
Copy that code snippet somewhere , say … in notepad or something and everytime you need it you will simply copy it back into the code behind. Well thats the most obvious thing to do, but did you know that VS IDE allows us to store code snippets into the toolbar for later use??

HowTO : – Simply drag and drop your code straight onto one of the toolbox tabs, such as the General tab or create your own tab . When you need to use it again, simply drag and drop back into your code window.These code snippets will persist there across projects.Hence making our job easier.


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Tsunami Help / Tsunami Relief fund / Tsunami where to donate


Always thought that India was safe from the affects of Tsunami was a shock to hear abt the Wave hitting the southern India and having such a major impact.

Hope many people donate money to tsunami relief funds however small it may be the point to remember here is that even a amount negligible to us might make a big difference to some of the affected people there.

In case you want to have a look at how it was here is a link to some of the Tsunami videos Tsunami videos

The following has been extracted from Tsunami Updates site

In Pune :

a] Money in the form of cheque / demand draft contributions is an URGENT need. The payment could be made favouring : ‘Indian Red Cross Society’ and dropped at Red Cross office, Atur Sangtani Red Cross House, M.G.Road, Pune 411 001 OR with Ms.Vijaya Moorthy at 3 Silver Classic Apartments, S.R.P.F.Road, Wanowrie, Pune 411 040. You can contact Pune phone nos. 2613 0031 / cell no.98220 04752 for contributions. Red Cross donations are exempted under Sec.80-G of the Income Tax Act. Please mention your name /address/phone no. on a slip of paper attached to your DD/cheque.

b] MAITRI, an NGO, working in the affected areas of Tamil Nadu is sending out food items like rice, dal, mineral water bottles and dry milk powder eg.Amulya (1 kg.packs) on 7th January. Contributions of this nature can be made. Please contact Ms. Vinita Tatke at mobile no.94225 21702 OR

c] Doctors / psychologists ( only ) who can speak MALAYALAM are required for the Red Cross team to be sent out to affected areas of Kerala for relief work. Contact Prof.R V Kulkarni at phone no. 2613 0331 / Red Cross office 2613 0031 / Vijaya Moorthy at

The above phone nos. pertaining to Pune. Those calling up from other parts of the country need to prefix 020 for landlines and 0 for mobile nos.

For more details regarding the above visit Tsunami Updates site

Here are some links to various Relief funds

Times relief Fund : – IndiaTimes Registration

TimesFoundation info

Tsunami Information Updates + some international organisation where you can Donate

Indian Red Cross </a


Info on Prime Ministers Fund The best fund to donate money is the Prime Ministers fund

Some info on where to donate on rediff

Shaunak Pandit

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