Best frequency for code review… how to code review

19 Sep

Had an interesting discussion with a peer while coming back home..and it got me thinking..  he was complaining about the quality of code by his developers and was inquiring what approach I follow in my projects.

To tell you the truth I don’t follow a specific time frame or frequency for performing code review.

Just to give you some food for thought

The frequency of code review should be directly proportional to the number of developers working on the project.

More the number of developers on a project more should be the code review frequency.just to give you a rough idea How many lines of code do we write in an hour? or in an day? we write lots of lines of code… multiplied by the number of developers is the lines of code you will have to review !!!!!!!

He was arguing about the time a PL/TL gets to do code reviews. well yes indeed he was right in his argument, we as PL’s definitely do not get much time but who says we have to do code reviews every time till the release of the project?

The way the developers will write code in a project depends directly on the way they write code in the first couple of weeks of the start of the development phase.If you get them into the habbit of coding it right from the start of the project i guess we wont have to monitor much.

Of course that depends on the quality of the resource 🙂

The way i do code reviews is through automated tools & mentoring of good developers to perform code reviews on the team mates.

Naturally PL’s dont get much time to get deeper into the code review process but yes all they have to do is

  • Identify the good resource who has a good style + approach at coding and mentor him/her to get into your shoes of performing code reviews.
  • Dont completely rely on that resource you do your surprise random code reviews.
  • Encourage peer reviews amongst the team. This will in turn ensure small coding issues get addressed at your subordinate level.
  • Utilize automated tools for code reviews there are loads of them in the market
  • There also are some preventive code review tools which get integrated into the VS IDE as a plugin and correct you with regards to naming convention/ style to a certain extent while you are writing code.Makes sense doesn’t it? to be told what not to do while you are doing it rather than being told after you have already done it and moved on to the next piece of code.
  • Generate a check list for coding standards.

Copyright © Shounak Pandit

These are my views, my thoughts need not necassarily be the same as yours….. 🙂

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