To Chrome or not to Chrome.. Google chrome features

14 Sep

Google has done it again… a product built on the problems of the browser users. 

To get a good idea about the features of the browser visit the features video site. The browser isn’t a complex browser Google  has stuck to its simplicity but effectiveness moto once again and delivered.

The Features list includes:

One of the best feature from the list above is the <Crash Control>. This was the most awaited should have been implemented feature to be implemented in a tabbed browser.
How many times has one gone through situation where one had a hell lot of tabs/sites open in a tabbed browser and one of the site crashed and took the complete browser along with all the other sites down with it. kinda frustrating isnt it? and if you are like me you will have too many windows to multi task..
Google promises it has taken care of this by creating seperate sandboxes for each tabs. people developing code in the .NET environment will know what this is and how useful and a life saver it is. inshort each tab has its own seperate process to handle and service the requests.
Hence if one site/tab crashes the process related to that tab only crashes and not the complete browser process.

Heil Google!!!!

Another great feature implemented is the way the new tab opens.. it will open a tab with the most visited sites icons in it. All one has to do is click on the one of th emost visited sites. else there is also links on  the right hand side in the new tab to click on the new bookmarks added.

A pretty good and well though of feature..usually we visit some sites again and again like our mails, homepage etc which is easily accessible in front of us once we open a new tab.
One more worth mentioning but not on the features list is the <Chromes very own task manager>
It displays the CPU usage / Memory per tab and gives you the power to get rid / kill a rogue tab taking up memory /cpu time and slowing your machine.
To understand the tech behind Google Chrome go through the site explaining the technical details behind Google Chrome Its worth a Read.

© Shounak Pandit
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