Google Chrome the new hottie in the market ..

14 Sep

Google chrome just another browser or the mother of all browsers?

Google has done it again..another product/service in the market that has caught all the attention… yeah there are some negative feedbacks especially by the German media on the same too but hey whats success without some criticism??

The argument they have setup is pretty much the old stuff… personal data going to google with respect to the auto suggest feature explained more in detail here

 Google did bend to the criticism and declared they will anonymise the data within 24 hrs of collecting it..but the speculations will always be there..don’t understand the logic behind it… guys its a open source just dig into the source and satisfy your speculative minds ( if you are upto it 🙂 )…. rather than just barking into the wind…

yeah its a bit risky giving a Beta to inexperience non techie users its like giving a child a Bazooka !! but am sure the Beta isn’t a actual Beta in the scientific terms its definitely a well tested and tried version of the product.we can trust google on this..


© Shounak Pandit

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Posted by on September 14, 2008 in Bouncing Wall!!, Problem Solving


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