Sending Meeting Request programmatically

09 Dec

Getting that Meeting request object assembly that I wrote to work was the easy part , making it configurable with a web application was the headache.

To keep the consumer trasnperant from the internals of how I am creating the meeting request through code and sending it to the attendee needed a heck of time especially since I needed the current working directory for temporary storage of the ICalendar file.
Hence tried out the Directory.GetCurrentDirectory() method to get the CWD from the system but instead got c:\windows\system32. that’s right you read it right “c:\windows\system32”
Was baffled by the result and googled a bit searching here and there for the answer to the mysterious result.
and was thinking abt the connection between the returned directory and my application when it struck me
my project was an Web Application and hence it was being executed by the ASPnet_WP.exe which inturn was being created by Inetinfo.Exe (IIS) which resides in the path and hence the return path.

Moral of the story :- Analyse the situation before looking for solution

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Posted by on December 9, 2004 in .NET


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