Nant Solution task or nant Exec ??

27 Nov

Had to revert back to exec task of nant and use the Devenv.exe to build the solution as I had some weird assembly referencing problems.

While building the solution it was looking for the references one level above the directory containing the assemblies

couldn’t figure out what the problem was 😦 since I was short on time,had no option but to use the exec task and directly build the project solution, it solved my problem but I still need to figure out a solution to my earlier problem of wrong references

using Devenv solved the problem but not sure if that’s one of the accepted approach and whether I should use an *external exe to build the solution than find a solution to the problem arisen out of using the solution task provide by nant

Am writing an article on howto implement Cruisenet and Nant in continous integration which will include the steps to follow to setup cruisenet and nant on your build server and how to implement the integration.

Hope this article will solve the problems faced by first timers and save a lot of their time from doing R n D 🙂

* By external I mean a .exe out of nant tasks , nant might be internally using Devenv.exe to compile the projects who knows.

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Posted by on November 27, 2004 in .NET, Build integrators


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