CruiseNet-Nant Build Intro

22 Nov

An important part of any software development

process is getting reliable complete builds out of the code that we

write as that might affect some other developers work or some other

developer may be depending on the correct functioning of your code to complete

his module/task.

Currently am working on build tools to achieve reliable builds or rather, well actually let me put it this way, to detect unreliable/failing builds and warn the developers regarding the same.

Integrating & Nant into my project :

Well to start with for the Cruisenet-nant intro :- Cruisenet & Nant are 2 seperate utilities/tools that can be used to make our team leaders/developers life very easy.

Nant is a build tool that can check out the code from the source control server onto the local m/c and build the project.The advantage that we have over here is in case a developer checks in a file but forgets to check in the related reference assembly ,the build will fail due to absence of the assembly. it has many different options like

  1. building the project assembly,
  2. running the nunit tests , (Nunit is a unit testing tool for .NET )
  3. FXCop scripts etc (Code analysis tool

which automates most of our need to do stuff after writing any new code especially if we are working in an offshore developement centre or if some other developer is depending on the code.

The features listed above are just the tip of the iceberg Nant is very powerful visit : for more info on nant.

Will soon write up more in detail….


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